About Rapid Bartender & Ethan Harris


I have been bartending for just over 12 years now, and I have loved every minute of being in this industry. I have been lucky enough to meet some great people, and I've certainly made good money!


The only thing I ever regretted was paying so much for bartending school. It set me back for a while, and I was already in debt, so I definitely didn't need another bill to pay. However I was persistent and didn't stop until I was hired. Only a few other people in my class got jobs anywhere. Right then and there I knew I made a mistake. It was persistence and diligence that got me a job, not a school or silly certificate. I tried to present my bartending school certificate at Dave & Busters here in Atlanta and they laughed! It was no use telling them I went to school for bartending, they wanted more. I could have just trained at home with a good guide and done just as well. Or even buy a full bar's worth of ingredients for less than the $800 bartending school costs! It's just too much for too little in my opinion. 


So this is where Rapid Bartender comes in. I wish I had this when I wanted to start bartending. You want a career in bartending? You need to know your stuff. Maybe you just want to make exotic drinks for your friends or impress them with your knowledge of wine.


Whatever your situation, Rapid Bartender can turn you into a dead ringer for Tom Cruise in the movie "Cocktail". Your going the learn the basics, all the way to advanced techniques, wine and champagne, even bar tricks. All instantly accessible on your computer.


And the best part is the price, $27 for everything Iearned at school, and over the years. Plus if you jump on this offer quickly, you even get instant access to the Members Club with over 9000 recipes at your disposal. Never be afraid to make any drink requested! But this offer is only open the first 500 people so it may be gone tomorrow!



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